Saturday, June 17, 2006

Using Retayne as a fixative

After letting the cane dry overnight I used Retayne, since I had this on hand, as a fixative to reduce the amount of bleeding when weaving.

Instructions for Retayne:

1. Again use your kettle that will hold at least 1 gal of water so you can submerge your cane in it.

2. Dissolve the Retayne in a bowl of 140 degree water, I used very hot tap water, which worked. If the Retayne clumps your water isn't hot enough and requires heating it until the Retayne dissolves.

3. I used 1 tablespoon of Retayne for 1 gal of water.

4. After adding the Retayne to the water, add the cane. Leave the cane in the mixture for 20 minutes. Again I turned the cane after 10 minutes and agitated the cane up and down to make sure all surface areas were covered by the solution.

5. After 20 minutes remove the cane and again rinse in cool water. I have found using the water hose outside for rinsing is very effective in removing excess dye and Retayne.

6. Let the cane dry over night again before weaving.

When I dye more cane I will use the Dharma Dye Fixative to see how that works.

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